Saturday, June 19, 2010


Elise Marie has in the last 24-36 hours run farther than I have in my entire life combined! Probably...

It's called the RAGNAR. Crazy people get teams together and run a 188 mile relay over two days. It is actually fun to them! Running is not on my list of palatable things to do at one in the morning, so instead I volunteered at some exchange points.

The first was small and uneventful, except I saw a suicidal rabbit bounce off the side of a truck, and some people found a guy who maimed himself by rolling his side-by-side and brought him down in the bed of their truck to the cop that was loitering nearby.

The second was a huge facility that I felt was understaffed to the maximum. The first hour or so I spent straightening out the first row of cars that was off to a really crooked start. I gradually got the parking lot headed in the right direction, so I slipped into my truck for a 2 o'clock in the morning snooze. A minute later, the traffic started pouring in. I assessed the situation and realized that ALL of the other volunteers had abandoned their posts so I assumed a tactical position and began commanding the flow of traffic. I am proud to say, over those two and a half hours, traffic was smooth as can be. They sent 2 guys to replace me when the time came. Within minutes, traffic was a mess again... But I pointed my taillights at the place and drove home.

This morning I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow at 6:00 and didn't wake up until 2:30. Would I do it again? probably.

I bet Elise will post something much more inspirational and motivational...


  1. You have made me want to aspire to be a volunteer! Who needs running when traffic control is way more chalenging?! I did that last year actually, it was lovely. I saw a guy loose his pants, and I dressed up like a cow. Why not.

  2. Elise, you are amazing! how could we be so
    fortunate to have you join our family?

    Paul and Kari did the Ragnar also.....

    Tay, you have such a knack for writing in an entertaining manner. love it!

  3. It's True, Tay is a great writer!
    And no, Tay.... :( I don't have any inspirational or motivational thoughts on the matter! except maybe this - Hey look! Even out of shape people can finish the Ragnar! I didn't die!! Woo hoo!
    ♥ Elise