Sunday, May 23, 2010

How We Observed the 'Versary of Our Togetherness.

Elise: We went apartment hunting in SLC yesterday! It was stressful! Did you know that if you are both students you can't qualify for low income housing??? You have to practically be a bum!!!
Tay: Which we most certainly are not.
Elise: Actually we are. Tay just doesn't realize that being homeless makes us bums.
Tay: Touche. But seriously, you have to have a crappy job and not go to school to qualify for some places! The rest make you pay hundreds more monthly to live if you're doing something productive! Whose idea was that?!
What we need is an old lady with a basement to take us in. Or a shop owner with an empty upstairs apartment. Where do you find those kinds of situations?
Elise: sooooooooo we decided to not be productive... because that's how you get ahead. And we went miniature golfing with the Walls and watched a movie projected on their ceiling.


  1. Somebody will want you. Tell everyone you know that you are looking for a place and something will come up. You could visit wards in the area and start begging!

  2. Well, I'm an old lady and I have a basement....
    hmmm, just so far away, love, Gr